essays & papers

Minerva has a project-based, interdisciplinary, self-directed approach to liberal arts education. I explored a variety of topics, from evolutionary biology to developmental economics.

Here are some of my written assignments from 2016-2017.

Statistical Analysis in Political Science

This paper presents a predictive multivariable logistic model for UN peacebuilding success, using validation set approach.

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics

This paper compares and contrasts the Copenhagen and the many-worlds interpretations of quantum mechanics from various angles.

Species Diversity and Statistical Method

This paper investigates the latitudinal gradients in species diversity and provides a full research design including a new statistical approach.

Decision Memo for Business

This project involves conducting an interview with a local company in Berlin to learn about their problem, and presenting a data-driven solution in a decision memo.

Evolution of Cooperation in Networks

In this assignment, I reviewed past studies and formulated a novel hypothesis on the influence of topological distribution of initial cooperators on trait fixation.

coding projects

Here are some widgets I made for my computer science and physics assignments.