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[Video] Global Immersion: Berlin
by Minerva

[Video] Lucy & Roujia: Explore and Discover
by Minerva

[Article] Hacking higher ed: Will Minerva upend the college model?
by Al Jazeera America

[Article] 世界の大学変革の兆しが、日本の大学に与える驚異とは
by University Journal, Japan

[Article Online] [In Print] 機械に奪われそうな仕事ランキング1~50位!会計士も危ない!激変する職業と教育の現場
by Diamond Weekly, Japan

[Article] 一个女孩与七个城市(留学素描)
by People's Daily, China

[Article] 福一中“掌柜”女生被美个性高校录取
by 东南快报 (DNKB), China

[Article] 福州女孩 录取美国“居住式大学”
by 海峡都市报 (HX News), China